finding the perfect wedding photographer

How to find the perfect wedding photographer

Your big day is something that you have often dreamt about as you were growing up. All the planning and the preparation that go into making it perfect can take months, even years to prepare. And then the big day finally arrives, and it often feels as though it’s over far too quickly. But, by finding the perfect wedding photographer, you can make sure that you have memories to last a lifetime.

Why is it important to find the perfect wedding photographer?

Your wedding day is a huge event in your life. It’s something that many of us only experience once and we want to treasure every tiny little detail. It’s only natural though that in amongst all of the hustle and bustle of your wedding day, there are little things that you’ll miss or forget about. Having the perfect wedding photographer means that you will have physical memories of your special day that you can look back on for years to come.

When you’re trying to make sure that you speak to everybody, enjoying your first dance and generally being the happy bride or groom, there are lots of special moments going on between your guests that you might just miss out on. Wedding photographers are trained to hone in on these special moments and capture them forever. It might be a smile between your Mum and Dad, or a giggle between the young bridesmaids. But those moments are precious.

Where to find the perfect wedding photographer

So, you’ve found the perfect dress, the suits and the flowers are sorted, and now you just need to hunt down the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day.

It can be really difficult to know where to look!

But, don’t despair because there are lots of ways you can find really high quality, reputable wedding photographers.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Word of mouth – ask family or friends to look at the photographs of their weddings – if you like what you see then you could be onto a winner.
  • Use a website such as confetti to find the perfect wedding photographer
  • Ask at your chosen venue for their recommendations
  • Search social media – you’ll often find wedding photographers who have a page with samples of their work and recommendations from people who’ve used them.

One top tip we would say is that you shouldn’t leave the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer until the last minute. Once you’ve booked your venue, then your next step should be to find your photographer. If you leave it too late then you’re likely to find that most popular photographers will already be booked up, particularly if you’re getting married on a Friday or Saturday. Many photographers may ask for a deposit in order to secure the booking too, this covers both you and the photographer so it’s not something to worry about.

Your wedding photographs are incredibly precious and you will probably find yourself digging them out for years to come, so it’s really important to get this right.

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