How to handle a “plus one” wedding invite when you’re single

Getting an invitation to a wedding is lovely. We’re always happy to see our loved ones celebrating their happiness. But, if you receive an invitation with a “plus one” attached and you’re single, then it can be a little different.

When you’re single and it feels as though everyone around you is loved up and getting hitched, it can really feel as though your single status stands out. If you’re happy on your own, then that’s great! But many single folk are actually really keen to meet somebody they can share special times with. If you’re one of those singles desperately hoping to meet somebody, then receiving a wedding invitation with a “plus one” attached can make you feel even more sensitive.

It sometimes feels as though all of the wedding invitations arrive at once, all of your friends seem to be settling down and hoping that you’ll help them to celebrate. It’s lovely that they want you to be there, and by adding a “plus one” to your invitation, they’re just trying to make sure that you know you’re welcome to bring somebody along. They’re not trying to highlight the fact that you’re single at all! Although, when you’re feeling particularly sensitive about something, you automatically feel as though everybody is focusing on that one thing too. But the chances are that your friends just want you to be happy, whether that’s on your own or with somebody special.

Where to find a plus one

If you’re really keen not to arrive at your friend’s big day alone, but you just don’t seem to be having much luck finding somebody to take along, then maybe you’re not looking in the right places.

It’s all very well going on nights out in the hope that you might meet somebody. But the chances are that anybody you  do meet is either already loved up with somebody else, or they’re only after a night of fun with no strings attached. Meeting somebody with the same hopes and dreams as you on a night out is very rare.

These days though, there are lots of other options, which usually tend to have much better results. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

Have you ever thought of trying out free dating sites? These sites are fantastic because they allow you to match up your profile with others who want the same things.

In today’s online world, you can even find sites specifically set up for your area of the country, so if you live in Northamptonshire, for example, you could check out the Northamptonshire dating site.


So, if you are single this wedding season, and you’re feeling particularly alone when you see that “plus one”, then check some of the sites out. Don’t forget, with local sites such as the dating sites in Northamptonshire I mentioned above, you can meet people really easily! There’s no longer any reason why you should carry on being the only single lady at the wedding.


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