My dream wedding venue

My dream wedding venue

There’s something a little self-indulgent about this post, but having never got the wedding of my dreams when we got married, I can’t help lingering over what I’d do differently if I had my time again, and top of that list would be my choice of wedding venue.

When I got married 12 years ago, I honestly wasn’t bothered about having a big fuss. We’d got a 5 month old son and we just wanted to get married. My parents were (and still are) separated and the thought of the two of them sitting at the top table together filled me with dread. I was also pretty self-conscious back then, and I really didn’t want a big fuss!

So, we opted for a registry office wedding with just a few close family members, followed by a meal at the local hotel. Then, we disappeared to Center Parks for a week.

At the time, it was perfect. But, looking back, I can’t help but wish that I’d allowed myself to be swept up in the magic of a big, white wedding. I wish I’d gone on the hunt for a beautiful wedding dress rather than the John Lewis polka dot number I opted for, but more than anything, I wish I’d had a wedding reception to remember.

Whilst I do accept that what we did was right for us at the time, it doesn’t stop me daydreaming about my dream wedding venue.

My dream wedding venue – if I had my time again

I’m a huge fan of beautiful, stately home type wedding venues, and I think if I had my wedding all over again, then this is the type of place I’d choose.

I found this absolutely stunning wedding venue whilst browsing this website, which is full of incredible places to choose from for your wedding.

Country houses really do make the perfect setting for saying “I do” to the one you love, in front of all of your family and friends. They tend to have large rooms available for bigger wedding parties, as well as beautiful grounds for the perfect wedding photos.

Just imagine driving up to that property where you know your guests are waiting to congratulate you and celebrate your special day with you. I can’t imagine anywhere more perfect!

The sweeping staircase is just stunning! I can just imagine my husband standing at the top in his suit, holding out his hand for his new bride. I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it!

So, my advice to those of you beginning to think about planning your own wedding – please don’t dismiss these extra touches. Put aside your embarrassment and ignore any family disputes. This is YOUR special day, and you want to be sure that you make it one to remember for the rest of your lives. Start off your married life in style, and if you can afford a touch of luxury, then don’t scrimp – you may just live to regret it.

*This is a collaborative post.

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