That all important prom dress...

That all important prom dress…

OK, so we all know that our main focus here is weddings, but for young girls, their prom feels just as important, just as magical, as the choice of dress is just as important to them. The prom is becoming more and more popular in the UK, having arrived here from America slowly over the last decade or so.

The prom is kind of like a coming of age these days, for youngsters, it’s the point where they start to feel as though they’re leaving their childhood behind and making their first tentative steps into adulthood. They’re waving goodbye to their school days and thinking ahead to what adult life will bring for them.

Planning the prom is huge, particularly for young ladies who look forward to that one night for months, if not years before it arrives. For many young girls, their main concern is their prom dress. They want to wow their friends, looking more beautiful and glamorous than ever before. For many, this is perhaps the first time they’ve ever had the opportunity to get so dressed up. It’s a hugely important event!

Choosing the perfect prom dress

For many young ladies, choosing their prom dress demands just as much thought and attention as choosing a wedding dress – and quite rightly so! The prom is an event in the social calendar that these young people will look back on for the rest of their lives. They want to be sure that they look and feel their best on that special night.

So, when the time comes to choose your prom dress, it’s important to have some idea of what you want, and what kind of styles are likely to suit you. By now, you should have a good idea of the kinds of colours that suit you, and the style that will both flatter you and allow you to feel comfortable throughout the evening.


Think about whether you want to play it safe yet classy with a beautiful black dress, or whether you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd with a bold and vibrant colour.

Pastels are really popular for prom dresses and can be extremely flattering. Baby pinks and pale blues work particularly well in the summer months.


If you’re opting for a strapless dress, think about whether you’ll need to where a shrug or a wrap over the top whilst you travel to the prom. You don’t want to cover up your beautiful dress with your everyday coat!

Length is important. If you’d like a full-length dress then make sure that you try it on with the shoes you intend to where so that it doesn’t either ride up, or drag underneath your heels.


The chances are that you’re going to want to take your mobile phone, a little make up, and perhaps some cash. Once you’ve chosen your dress, take some time to look for a bag in a colour, size and style that goes well with your dress.

Choose shoes that are comfortable, as well as stylish. Strappy, heeled sandals usually look beautiful underneath a prom dress, but make sure that you’re comfortable walking in them.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to find the prom dress of your dreams so that you can look back for years to come with happy, fond memories. There’s a growing trend for using a Wedding Photo Swap service at proms, so if you follow these guidelines, you’ll have beautiful photographs to show to your grandchildren in the future.


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