Top tips for the groom’s speech

The groom’s speech is a hugely important part of any wedding. It’s the one time that a member of the wedding party gets to speak to everybody that they’ve invited to share their special day with them. Whilst speeches ill inevitably vary between grooms, there are some really vital bits that any groom’s speech really should include.

The groom’s speech

So, all the preparation is behind you, you’re finally a married couple and there’s just the speeches to get through before you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the party.

The speeches can actually be a really nerve-wracking part of the day.

Not everyone enjoys public speaking. Even if you are about to speak to a room full of people who love and support you, it can still be really difficult.

There are a few things that need to be said in the groom’s speech, so it’s important to take some time to prepare beforehand so that nothing is forgotten.

Top tips for the groom’s speech

Whilst you might not want to put a lot of time into writing a speech with all of the other wedding preparation that you need to take care of, it’s really important that you do plan what you’re going to say. In the heightened emotion of the day, the chances are that you’ll forget to thank somebody or forget to mention something that you really ought to have said. So, it’s really worth setting aside some time to plan out what you’re going to say. You don’t necessarily need to write your whole speech out, but some prompt cards would be a great idea to keep your speech on track.

As well as planning ahead, we’ve put together some other top tips for the groom’s speech:

  • Thank everyone for coming
  • Thanks the bridesmaids, ushers, bestman, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, the venue and anyone else who’s played a special role
  • Add a touch of humour
  • Share how you got together
  • Raise a toast to your bride

It really does need to be as simple as that!

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